Zip boots over winter tights

Ignition on. Lights.

Window frosted, steamed inside

Heater on. Eyes dried.

Heads down, collars up

Sipping on a travel cup

Traffic flows, traffic slows

Clouds move as wind blows

Chastised kid lags behind

His face on her mind

Newspaper tucked under arm

Monotonous resigned calm

Shops open, queues file

Small talk, fake smile

Money changes hands

People making plans

Clock in clock out

Choose lunch, check out

2pm stands still

Gazing at the windowsill

People watching people wonder

til rush hour pulls you under

down stream to home

yearning to be alone

empty footfalls empty street

close door wipe feet

deep breath dry cheeks

hours to days days to weeks

futile world spins

another day begins


We are all on a curve, or is it a line?
Either way it is fine
To own your design
Through choice or genes
Whatever that means
You’re the one who screens
Who shares you bed
Gets in your head
Or choose to wed
So what is he wears floral
Or doesn’t give oral.
Hold on that’s not normal.
So what if Tia used to be Paul
Or James only has one ball
Or Jess likes to try it all
Or harry swings from the ceiling
And Jo’s nipples have so much feeling
It sends her squealing
And john likes it to hurt
And Mike will only flirt
And Carol cums with a squirt
The only people it should matter to
Is the one…or the two
You choose to screw